The Nightshift Timber Treatment Team has over 40 years’ experience in preserving timber in many of England’s most important and historic buildings.

Timber Treatment by qualified SURVEYORS

The Team has a passionate interest and enthusiasm for protecting the originality and history behind these buildings whether it is a historic monument, thousand-year-old church or Elizabethan country house in Southern England. 

Our first thoughts on your project will be how to preserve your building with minimal environmental impact. We will devise a treatment specification that will protect your property, the occupants and all natural fauna and flora around the building. 

Please contact us on 01892 871 008 for details or to speak to a qualified surveyor.
Alternatively, you can book online by clicking below.


The Nightshift team are experienced in installing the safe guard dry zone damp course system and will advise the client on other matters within the building structure that may be causing the dampness situation